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UDSdropshipping.com    The complete Dropshipping E-commerce solutions for you
Welcome to UDS,you only need 4 steps to get start
Step 01: Add your shopify store to UDS
Step 02: Add products to Import list from our Mall or from Aliexpress
Step 03: Push Import list products to your shopify store
Step 04: Sync orders to UDS and pay for orders on UDS
After making payment,leave the rest to UDS,we will auto sync order status and tracking numbers.
(Please feel free to contact our support manager when you have more questions)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership Rights
Service/level level1 level2 level3 level4 level5
Products limit 500 1000 2000 Unlimited Unlimited
UDS express shipping
Order fulfillment
24/7 support
Daily sourcing 5 10 20 50 Unlimited
Inventory Pre-Srock
Order processing in priority
Customize scotch tape
Customize box
Optimization proposal
White Label
Potential business partnership

1.What is the member levels? It's a system to help customers get more orders and enjoy value-added service. New users are free to register as general member, and you can import products to your store and fulfill orders on UDS with express shipping. If you want to build your brand with customize box or process your orders in priority, then memberships need reach the corresponding level.

2. How can I upgrade to the higher lever? You can reach the next level when your orders amount satisfies the requirement.

3. How can I jump to the next level in a faster way? You can jump to the next level only by getting more orders to increase sales.

4. What is the White Label product? White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party.

5. How can I benefit from upgrading my level? You can get more privileges,such as get more daily sourcing,stock inventory, order processing in priority,customize box and so on.

6. How can I be your Potential business partnership? You need to cooperate with us for a long time and contact with your agent for application.