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Aliexpress products
Why using UDS app instead of Aliexpress dropshipping?
1. Aliexpress is not cheap anymore. We source products from factories directory and have worked with thousands of factories,price is lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors.
2. We won't reject your payment. Aliexpress (as well as PayPal) often rejects your payments when you place a certain amount of orders. We accept several fast and secure payment methods.
3. It is difficult to deal with different vendors When you are testing winning products,you need to focus on marketing, AS a reliable agent,we will save your valuable time talking with multiple suppliers.
4. Fast shipping. We drop-ship your orders within 48 hours after your payment,and goods can be delivered in 5 to 8 days to UK and US,5 to 15 days to Australia and Canada by using express shipping.
5. Brand building and warehousing. We can help to build your brand by adding your logo on sticker,package or products,and warehousing goods for you in China and abroad to improve customer’ experience
How long will it takes UDS product team to set price for Aliexpress products?
1. In general, it takes 2 days to set price for Aliexpress products. We need to source the quality products with competitive price before pushing them to your store.